среда, 31 июля 2019 year

Massive Kazka Fest will Take Place in Feldman Ecopark


Kazka Fest, a nation-wide massive cultural project, will take place in Kharkiv’s Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex Feldman Ecopark in August. According to the announcement made by the Feldman Ecopark’s partnership projects manager Vadym Vorotynskyi in the Vremia Media Centre today, Kazka Fest starts this weekend, August 3-4, and will continue till September 1.

The project is organized by the International Charitable Foundation “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation” with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation within the framework of its programme “Prominent Events for Ukrainian Culture.”

Within the framework of Kazka Fest, various activities for children and adults will be organized each weekend: theatrical performances, concerts and other events, children’s book fair, master classes, quests, literature readings with the participation of modern authors of fairy tales, open-air library, as well as the children’s fairy tale contest with the following publication of Kazkabook: a collection of 15 fairy tales with recommendations for parents on how to work with them.

This weekend, the participants of Kazka Fest will be offered to attend fairy tale therapy lessons: the specialist will read fairy tales together with children of different age groups in three locations and then try to perform the plots by their own (starting at 11 a.m.)

“Unfortunately, children are currently one of the most vulnerable groups, which are subject to the influence of situation in our country. Exactly fairy tale, as the most accessible literary form for children, has an effective psychorehabilitation effect and makes it possible to develop imagination, fantasy, creativity,” Vadym Vorotynskyi emphasized.

“Kazka Fest is a logical continuation of those projects, which are implemented in Feldman Ecopark and in its Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation for many years. Fairy tale therapy uses different variants of creative involvement and creative self-fulfilment of people, which is especially important for children. In Feldman Ecopark, in its ‘fairy-tale’ world, these lessons have a unique format. That is why the experience obtained here should be spread across the other regions of Ukraine in the future,” scientific curator of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Doctor of Medicine, professor, Ukraine’s Honoured Scientist and Engineer Borys Mykhailov emphasized.

Reference. Ukrainian Cultural Foundation deals with the introduction of new mechanisms of provision of competitive governmental assistance to the initiatives in the field of culture and creative industries, favouring the creation of developed ecosystem of culture and creativity in Ukraine, as well as the preservation of spiritual heritage and development of national culture in context of global trends. The ICF “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation,” which carries out its activities in Kharkiv, Ukraine and abroad for more than 20 years and which has already implemented hundreds of humanitarian, social and cultural, scientific and educational, medical and rehabilitation, environmental, sport and other programmes, was selected by the UCF for the implementation of the Kazka Fest project within the framework of the grant programme “Prominent Events for Ukrainian Culture.”