вторник, 25 июня 2019 year

Eco-therapy Lessons for Children with Hearing Impairments Take Place in Feldman Eсopark


Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation develops new direction – eco-therapeutic lessons for children with hearing impairments. Pupils of the Kharkiv Special Educational Complex for children with hearing impairments arrived here for two weeks straight. Specialists of the Centre organized for them orientation walks with elements of landscape therapy, animal-assisted therapy and sensory therapy.

“After joint campaign To Hear with Heart we gained a new partner, the institution that sponsors children with hearing impairments. We discussed what specifically we can do for them and developed a small starting programme based on sensory integration. Except acquaintance with the animal collection of Feldman Ecopark, it provides contact communication with some of them, while observation tours are supplemented by the Barefoot Path and inflatable attractions, – the head of psychological service of Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation Tetiana Aliieva told. – The main task at the first stage of psychosocial rehabilitation of children with hearing impairments, as well as any other sensory impairments is an integrated emotionally comfortable acquaintance with the habitat. We seek to diversify visual and sensory interaction with the world around, using capacities provided by the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex.”

According to Tetiana Aliieva, cooperation with the Kharkiv Special Educational Complex for children with hearing impairments will continue to develop. From the beginning of academic year, specialists and volunteers of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation will make visits with “Kindness lessons”. It should be reminded that similar lessons, provided for children with visual impairments by the V.H. Korolenko Special Educational Complex are currently in second year of implementation.

It should be also reminded that work with people with special needs is one of the main directions of Feldman Ecopark since the moment of its establishment. Since 2013, the Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation works in its structure. The specialists of the Centre assisted more than 10,000 children and adults with various diseases and disorders by means of modern methodologies, in particular, eco-therapy and animal-assisted therapy. Besides, inclusive lessons are given in Children’s Ecology and Nature Study Academy of Feldman Ecopark, and in the summer special sessions are organized in the Children’s health-improving and educational camp.