пятница, 07 июня 2019 year

Caracal and Bengal Cat Found Home in Feldman Ecopark


Rocky the caracal and Ashera the Bengal cat became new residents of Feldman Ecopark. These representatives of felines were given to specialists of the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex by their former owners. Due to their resettlement, they were no longer able to provide all the necessary conditions for the animals.

Rocky and Ashera are currently staying in quarantine: they get used to life in Feldman Ecopark and undergo the required veterinary procedures. They feel fine and soon will settle in the enclosures of the Multi-Complex. They are fed the same way as the other cats in Ecopark – meat, fish, curd, quail eggs.

Rocky is the third caracal in the animal collection of Feldman Ecopark. The native land of these feline animals, which look like lynx, but a little smaller ones and with different genetics, is Africa and western Asia. Caracals are tamed easily: in ancient times, tamed caracals were used in eastern countries to hunt hares, pheasants, peacocks and small antelopes. Now, they are used to frighten birds (mainly guinea fowls) away from airport runways in southern Africa.

Ashera is a domestic Bengal cat, which appeared as the result of cross of domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat – a small cat species from southern and eastern Asia. This animal combines the temperament of a domestic cat and the instincts of a wild animal. Only of Bengal cat lived in Ecopark before.