понедельник, 30 сентября 2019 year

Rabbit Day Сelebrated in Feldman Ecopark


Last weekend in Feldman Ecopark was devoted to fun celebration of the International Rabbit Day. This day, numerous rabbit tribe of the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex received congratulations from young naturalists and simple lovers of these cute animals. Guests to Ecopark were able to participate in the festive programme devoted to these fluffy animals.

“The International Rabbit Day was established not only for these very nice animals and our good friends to receive delicious congratulations and deserved portion of attention and tenderness, but also to remind everyone that rabbits, like other animals, need our protection and respect. Besides, rabbits – it is always fun. This weekend, all our guests were able to make sure of it personally”- the organizers of the holiday told.

Small guests to Feldman Ecopark traditionally started the day with morning exercises Cheerful Morning in the company of cartoon heroes. Then children together with their parents were able to demonstrate own knowledge and mother wit in the educational and entertaining programme “Once upon a time there lived rabbits or Rabbit hole traveling”. Those children, who showed knowledge and mother wit, were inducted into rabbits and received rabbit ears. They were able to see and make a photo shoot with real rabbits of different breeds.

Music programme in Ecopark was rich, as well. The winners of the international competitions Jazz-perfomance, Jazz-fiesta, Jazz on Poshtova Ploshcha Ivan Mohii and Hennadii Sumenkov, as well as the ensemble of violinists and vocalists – students of the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture performed for our guests.

Besides, Ecopark’s friends continued preparations for the main event of autumn, starting in a week – learned steps of the Four Steps dance for a massive flash mob at the Chrysanthemum Ball. The Theatre of Children and Animals pleased the guests of the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex with the premiere show of the performance Aladdin, as well as Forest School and Cheerful Kaleidoscope.