четверг, 31 января 2019 year

Psychology Students from Odesa Undergo Practice in Feldman Ecopark


Students from the department “Experimental Psychology” of Odesa National Maritime University arrived to undergo practice in Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation. During 5 days, starting from January 28, the future psychologists will take over the experience of their senior colleagues from the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex by attending lectures and practical lessons in the special educational institutions.

According to the head of psychological service of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation Tetiana Aliieva, this visit of psychology students from Odesa is the second one. The previous one took place last year, and both the future psychologists and the heads of the departments remained satisfied with its results.

“A year ago, the students were only introduced to the future profession. Now they have more intensive practice, directly as psychologists. The programme combines the profound theoretical training with practical activities. First, they attend lectures to expand theoretical knowledge about clinical conditions of mind, personal development, fundamental notions of psychodiagnostics – the main tools of a psychologist. Then, they will have practical mastering of information obtained during the lectures,” Tetiana Aliieva told.

One of these practical lessons was held in the Korolenko Special Educational Complex, where students were introduced to the fundamentals of animal-assisted therapy and learnt to work with children with visual impairment.

“In order to give trainings, psychology students must understand, what the visual analyzer is, and how children with visual impairment behave. For this purpose, the lecture about anatomicophysiological peculiarities of brain and the structure of visual analyzer was prepared. Moreover, for visualization of materials of the lecture about the structure of brain, students attended anatomical museum,” consulting physician of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation Tetiana Roshchupkina noted. “It is important for the future specialists to understand how it works not only at the psychological level, but what mechanisms in organism are responsible for it.”

Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation emphasizes that they are always ready for cooperation: they are ready to share their experience with colleagues, and are interested in any assistance from volunteers.