среда, 17 августа 2022 year

Kharkiv lilac is now in Germany

The works of Ukrainian artists which were presented at our Unconquered Art charity auction already decorate houses in many countries of the world. USA, Canada, Poland, Israel, Austria, and even distant Ecuador. And this is an incomplete list of countries where people responded with a sincere desire to help our Armed Forces, the children of war, and the revival of the Feldman Ecopark destroyed as a result of Russian aggression by taking part in the auction.
For everyone who purchased the paintings put up for auction, these are not just lots, they are a manifestation of solidarity, humanity, and caring. This is the choice of values, and therefore it is priceless.
The wonderful Kharkiv Lilac is now in Germany. The beautiful work was purchased by Claudia Schumacher. Thank you, Claudia! Let our Ukrainian Lilac become a talisman of your home!
Thanks to all participants! The auction continues! Thanks to the artists who have joined it and are willing to donate their work. We are together. With the world, with the country, with our city, which is ruthlessly subjected to enemy attacks every day. We will stand together! We will win together! Let’s rebuild our cities together!
The paintings put up for auction can be viewed here: