пятница, 08 февраля 2019 year

Good Home Helps to Introduce Stray Animals Number Humane Control Programme in Derhachi


The head of the Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home” Iryna Podvoiska has recently visited the town of Derhachi (Kharkiv oblast), where she discussed with the town’s administration the measures aimed at the implementation of the programme of control of the numbers of stray animals with the help of humane methods.

According to Iryna Podvoiska, last autumn, she presented the CSVR programme (capture, sterilization, rabies vaccination, return to natural habitat) to the heads of towns in Derhachi region. The administration of Derhachi, in particular the acting mayor Kateryna Bondarenko, understood the lack of prospects of the methods causing the death of animals (as neither the numbers of stray dogs, nor the statistics of bitten people reduced from year to year) and decided to introduce the complex programme that is based on the humane treatment of stray animals.

“It is another serious step towards humanization of Ukrainian society! Another town in Kharkiv oblast refuses to control the numbers of stray animals with the help of their killing. The complex programme stipulating the work with people and awareness raising in addition to sterilization of animals has already proved its effectiveness. The sterilized dogs are not aggressive in the streets. Moreover, our experience shows that it is much simpler for them to find new owners: people gladly take animals which cause no problems with breeding,” Iryna Podvoiska emphasized.

According to her words, many towns and villages in Kharkiv oblast, as well as all over Ukraine, are interested in humane methods of stray animals number control. The short-term plans of the Feldman Ecopark Good Home include the visits to Pokotylivka, Lozova and Pervomaiskyi, where the introduction of these programmes is at different stages.