вторник, 09 октября 2018 year

Oleksandr Feldman achieved allocation of funds from the state budget for capital repairs of Kharkiv kindergartens and schools

The Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Feldman achieved allocation from the state budget-2018 of additional 5 million hryvnias of subventions on implementation of energy saving activities (capital repairs) of the Kharkiv kindergartens № 38, 82 and 106. We are also going to obtain 5 million UAH more for similar repairs in kindergartens № 15, 18 and 82.

In the past 2017 with the assistance of Oleksandr Feldman 25 million UAH of subventions for educational institutions and cultural facilities of Kholodnohirskyi and Novobavarskyi districts of Kharkiv were allocated from the state budget.
These funds have been allocated for solution of major problems of these districts, in particular for capital repairs of schools and kindergartens (including energy saving operations) and improvement of two parks. Thus, in the Novobavarskyi district regular schools № 79 and № 92, kindergartens № 32, 38, 82 and 106 have been warmed, repairs in gyms of the school №54 and the gymnasium №65 have been made. Now the lighting is installed along the avenues of the Yunost park thanks to a subvention (5 million UAH), it is possible to walk even late at night. In the Safarov public garden, on which renovation additional budget funds (5 million UAH) were also received, the reconstruction works are actively conducted now. By the way, recently the People’s Deputy personally visited educational institutions to which the programme of subventions extended.
“Conditions experienced by children studying in schools and kindergartens in many respects influence their study, their health, and finally – their future. Therefore, we do our best to make their educational process comfortable, warm and safe, – Oleksandr Feldman noted during his visit to one of schools of the Novobavarskyi district. – The Safarov public garden and the Yunost park are favorite vacation spots of residents of the Kholodnohirskyi and Novobavarskyi districts of Kharkiv. They should be improved. Platforms, squares and parks for comfortable resting and walking with children or grandsons have to be well managed in all residential districts of Kharkiv. Unfortunately, in our city (and not only) there is “a problem of suburbs” when investments from the budget are made, generally, in the central part. We’re doing our best to change this situation”.