суббота, 19 ноября 2022 year

A special Feldman Ecopark Recovery Fund has been created

Dear friends!

A special Feldman Ecopark Recovery Fund has been created. Right now, when the country is heroically fighting the consequences of enemy strikes, when Ukraine is returning to light, heat and water with the help of power engineers, rescuers and public utilities. At this incredibly difficult time, we are taking a decisive step towards restoring the park. We are not afraid of anyone and we know for sure that victory is on our side. Because we will never give up.

I sincerely grateful to everyone who responded to a message about the restoration of the park. Thank you for the kind words of support that we receive from all over Ukraine and the world. Thank you for the invaluable financial assistance that goes to the Recovery Fund. All funds are exclusively targeted and go to the maintenance of our migrant animals, to critically necessary activities related to demining, clearing, and providing safe conditions for starting construction on the territory of the Ecopark.

Today, in a difficult wartime, when there is a lot of pain around, humanity, kindness and willingness to help and support are the most valuable qualities. These qualities make us human – unconquered and free. Evil is always dependent and cowardly .

We have always known that we have many friends. Thank you everyone.

We will definitely restore our Ecopark! Together! Destroyed, wounded today’s Ecopark will be literally revived from the ashes. Because it was and remains the territory of love. To people, to animals, to nature – to everything that is priceless, that gives strength to live, believe and win. Ecopark is a real people’s park. Entrance to it after the restoration will forever remain free.