пятница, 21 июня 2019 year

Feldman Ecopark’s Young Naturalists had Annual Practical Training at Biological Research Station under Karazin Kharkiv National University


Young biologists of Children’s Ecology and Nature Study Academy of Feldman Ecopark have returned from summer practical training, which they traditionally had at the Biological Research Station under Karazin Kharkiv National University. It is situated near the village of Haidary in the territory of the National Nature Park “Homilshanski Lisy,” which has no analogues in Sloboda Ukraine by the richness and diversity of flora and fauna.

“Our young naturalists come to Haidary to have practical training for the seventh year running, and always return to obtain new knowledge and unforgettable experience here. This time, the kids were occupied with the calculation of pond turtles, had excursions of various biotopes, listened to entomology lectures,” the head of the Young Biologists Club under the Children’s Ecology and Nature Study Academy of Feldman Ecopark Anna Pozdniakova told. “Field practice is a very important element of biological education, without which it is difficult to imagine the formation of comprehensive knowledge about the nature. The fact that our students learn it before they start their study in specific higher educational institutions, gives them certain advantages for the choice of future profession. Moreover, these field lessons broaden children’s outlook, teach them to love their native land and carefully treat every living thing on the Earth.”

It should be reminded that one of the largest non-governmental institution of out-of-school education – Children’s Ecology and Nature Study Academy – functions in Feldman Ecopark for 7 years. The number of its members has already exceeded 1,000. There are more than a dozen of different units and schools here, and the lessons not only broadens children’s outlook, but also give the pleasure of communication with animals. The most popular directions of the Children’s Academy are the Young Biologists Club, the Horse Complex and the Theatre of Children and Animals.