пятница, 01 декабря 2017 year

Young naturalists of Feldman Ecopark studied beavers’ behaviour in reserve


Last weekend, the members of the Children’s Ecology and Nature Study Academy of Feldman Ecopark carried out an expedition to the National Nature Park “Homilshanski Lisy” in Zmiiv region (Kharkiv oblast), where they studied the influence of beavers on the environment.

The expedition of 9 young naturalists aged 9-16 was aimed at the study of the location near the hill Kozacha Hora in the village of Koropove. The workers of the natural park have told and showed how they register flora and fauna, and provided young researchers with an opportunity to take measurements in practice and to carry out other researches allowing to define the beaver population size and how it influences the natural environment in the reserve.

“By taking measurements of teeth marks – bites left by beavers, it became possible to determine that both solitary animals and the families live here. We came to a conclusion that the influence on the environment is not critical now, however, in case of the population growth this influence may become threatening,” the head of the circle of biologists of the Children’s Academy of Feldman Ecopark Anna Pozdniakova told.

It should be reminded that young naturalists of Feldman Ecopark went of scientific expedition on Lyman Lake (Zmiiv region, Kharkiv oblast) aimed at migratory birds recording.

Children’s Ecology and Nature Study Academy of Feldman Ecopark founded in 2012 is one of Ukraine’s largest non-governmental out-of-school educational institutions. More than 1,000 children aged 3-18 attend it.