понедельник, 23 мая 2022 year

I’ll start again for the hundredth time

Even in our worst dreams, we could not imagine that war would come into our lives. All our pre-war problems, sorrows and disappointments today seem small and insignificant. We have rethought a lot of things, “rebooted ourselves” in terms of values. And most importantly, we managed to preserve the human in ourselves, sometimes in inhuman conditions. We remained human despite bitter losses and casualties.

I am one of many who have lost almost everything that has been created over the years, what I was proud of, what I put my soul into. Significantly damaged by enemy fire Shopping center Barabashovo, the destroyed office of the AVEC Concern, destroyed Ecopark. I am 62 years old, a significant part of my life has been lived, and l have to start everything from scratch. Despite all the difficulties, our huge loans and obligations, all force majeure circumstances. We don’t need to look for any excuses for ourselves, we need to find the strength in ourselves every day to think about what we can do today. I put up for sale all my collections, which I collected for decades. I am parting with them with sadness, but without regret. Because today everything should work for victory, support and revival.

  Pain, suffering, sometimes despair. No one should be ashamed of tears during the war. This is not a sign of weakness. Because the strong is not the one who does not cry, but the one who smiles through tears. I saw the smiles of Kharkiv residents who were forced to live in the subway, because their apartments were completely destroyed. They found the strength to support each other, to help strangers.

 There are those who have lost faith and hope, who are depressed and come in complete despondency. I want to appeal to all those who have “lost the spirit”. Friends, our main strength is faith. Faith in our army, in those who today start the battle in the fields for our future harvest, in our communal services, who, despite everything, ensure the vital activity of our cities, in each of our volunteers, in each of our doctors and teachers who remain true to their profession. These are strong-willed people who believe in themselves and in their strength. Our victory, our rebirth, our future depends on the strength of our spirit. We can do anything, and we can do it all.