среда, 12 июня 2019 year

Members of Feldman Ecopark Ski and Biathlon Club Successfully Performed at Regional Summer Biathlon Competitions


Participation in the Biathlon Championship of the Kharkiv region among young people brought new awards to asset of Feldman Ecopark Ski and Biathlon Club and a medal place in a team competition.

Competitions on 1,200 m took place in a super sprint format on the basis of sport club “Temp”. In junior superiority (in the age group of 2006-07), Oleksii Martakov and Oleksii Shyp took third place. In the age group of 2008 and younger, Dmytro Sheptukha was second. Among girls, Solomiia Shulga was second, while Katia Skorobogatova was the third. As a result, the team of Feldman Ecopark Ski and Biathlon Club is on the second place of the regional championship.

“With this performance, our young sportsmen finished a season, which has been largely successful. The next competitions will be in fall. We hope, they will bring new victories and medal places to our Club as well” — the head of the Feldman Ecopark Ski Club Svitlana Ilinskykh tells.

Feldman Ecopark Ski and Biathlon Club was opened in 2016. Members of the Club repeatedly became prizewinners and winners of Kharkiv, regional and national superiorities. About 50 children aged from 7 up to 14 years train in the Club free of charge all year round. It is one of the most popular sports direction within the 1,000 Teams Tournament project. The special programme for children with special needs, including vision-impaired children and children with musculoskeletal disorders is being implemented here. Lessons take place 3 times a week in the territory of the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex Feldman Ecopark. It’s possible to register by phone: 063-432-44-36.