пятница, 01 февраля 2019 year

Renewed Exhibition “Heritage of Ancestors” will Open in AVEC Gallery

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The renewed exhibition of ancient artifacts will be opened in the AVEC Gallery on February 1 at 6 p.m. It is the extension of the cultural and educational project Feldman Family Museum “Heritage of Ancestors.” New items from the collection of Trypillian ceramics and Donets Catacomb Culture are waiting for Kharkiv residents and visitors.

“The artifacts of Trypillian culture in the renewed exposition are supplemented with the ceramics of Donets Catacomb Culture, which started its existence in the times when Tripolitans ceased to exist, nearly 2,700 B.C. Catacomb Culture was named so for the special type of burials. The body of the deceased was not just put in the grave. Instead, they made the special horizontal hollow – a pit, than dug catacombs perpendicularly – those were the long hollows directed to burial chamber,” the organizers of the exhibition told. “This Bronze Age culture was spread across the territory of modern Ukraine and is geographically restricted by the Azov Sea in the south, by Donets River in the north, and almost reached Dnipro River in the west.”

It should be reminded that from the end of September to the middle of December 2018, the exhibition “Heritage of Ancestors: Trypillian Civilization” took place in the AVEC Gallery. It was based on the globally known Trypillian ceramics from the collection Feldman Family Museum.

AVEC Gallery (70, Sumska Str.) is open every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The entrance is free!