понедельник, 07 октября 2019 year

Chrysanthemum Ball Started in Feldman Ecopark


It is possible to visit floristic festival absolutely for free!
The biggest floristic event of this autumn – Chrysanthemum Ball in Feldman Ecopark started this weekend. Neither rain nor cold wind stopped thousands of Kharkiv citizens and guests from other regions, who came to Kharkiv especially for the floristic festival, to enjoy fairy chrysanthemums of all forms and colours, as well as favorite flower photo zones and statues of flowers. Among them are wolf and peacock, frog and tortoises, Bremen Town Musicians and Ferris wheel, Planet Earth, chicken, chamomile, picturesque flower chandeliers and other interesting compositions.

In total, the organizers planted about 45 thousand chrysanthemums of domestic and foreign selection of 30 species for guests to the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex. “You can enjoy flowers for about a month. How long flowers will please Ecopark’s visitors depends largely on the weather. In any case, those who for some reason was not able to visit the opening of our Ball shouldn’t be upset. According to weather forecasts, there’s Indian summer coming ahead – best time to rest in nature and plunge into the whirlpool of chrysanthemums – beautiful flowers which, according to research, people have been growing already for two and a half millennium. We wait for you on both weekdays and weekends,” – the organizers of the holiday emphasize.

On October 5-6, in the opening days of the Chrysanthemum Ball, live classic music helped to emphasize the unique atmosphere of this holiday. Within the concert In Harmony with Nature, clarinet and violin sounded for visitors to Ecopark. Families who came to the holiday with children, took part in a dance and entertaining programme Will You Go to the Ball?, danced polka, played forfeits and court games Fan Etiquette, as well as such games as Do Not Say ‘Yes’ and ‘No,’ Thread the Needle, Roll-and-Wind, Flower Memory. In addition, young visitors learned to create crowns at the master class. The Theatre of Children and Animals presented a concert programme The Kingdom of Autumn Colours.

It should be reminded that Chrysanthemum Ball in Feldman Ecopark is Ukraine’s biggest floristic festival, which takes place under the auspices of the International Charitable Foundation “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation” each autumn since 2012. Last year, nearly 600,000 visitors came here to admire 40,000 chrysanthemums of 25 species. Chrysanthemum Ball in Feldman Ecopark traditionally lasts till cold weather sets in, and it is possible to visit it absolutely for free.