понедельник, 21 октября 2019 year

Sweetest Day Celebrated in Feldman Ecopark


The Sweet Tooth holiday became a wonderful addition to the last weekend’s Chrysanthemum Ball, which continues in Feldman Ecopark. Numerous guests to the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex were able not only to admire multicolored sea of flowers and floral figures, but also to take part in sweet entertainments.

During the fairy festive programme, young guests to Ecopark had to remove evil charms from a candy, which became bitter. For this, they together with their parents had to pass a number of fun challenges. For example, to guess a taste of a sweetness offered with closed eyes or to feed the parent with a banana (also blindfolded). Having passed all tests and having removed a spell from candy, children, certainly, received sweet gifts. Dance programmes of this weekend were devoted to sweet culinary topics, as well.

“October continues to please us with the sunny weather, so an overwhelming number of those wishing to walk around Ecopark, to breathe fresh air, to rustle fallen leaves and just to admire beautiful flowers came to Ecopark! We tried to please our guests with funny and sweet entertainments. On Sunday, our guests were able to see another surprise: the performance of a well-known chorus Oberih from the town of Krasnokutsk with its programme With Kindness to People! Visitors to Feldman Ecopark with great pleasure sang favorite folk songs in their performance,”- the organizers of the festivities told.
It should be reminded that the Chrysanthemum Ball started in Feldman Ecopark the first weekend of October, and will last before cold weather sets in. About 45,000 chrysanthemums of 30 species of domestic and European selection are presented at this main floral festival. In addition to flowers of different forms and colours, special floral photo zones and statues are presented here.