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Feldman Ecopark’s Workers Take Care of Little Capybaras Deprived of Mother’s Care


Two kids were born in the family of capybaras in Feldman Ecopark in the beginning of July. Unfortunately, their mother refused to take care of them, and the workers of the Multi-Complex had to take the newborns under their care.

“The kids feel fine, grow up healthy and active. They are fed with bottled goat milk, although Edik and Tiomka (we gave these names to little capybaras) would not mind eating fresh greens from the first days of their life. Moreover, they love water procedures – not for nothing capybaras are called by Indians as ‘children of grass and water.’ This behaviour is typical for the representatives of this species of these semiaquatic herbivorous animals. Their young are born absolutely formed, with fur and able to see. They are ready to almost immediately follow their families,” the head of Feldman Ecopark’s Rodents and Terrarium Sector Svitlana Vyshnevetska told.

According to her words, for the first several days Edik and Tiomka spent night at her place, as the little ones required attention and care twenty-four hours a day. Now they spend all the time with their family – father, mother and older siblings. This group consists of seven animals.

“No one offends the little ones. On the contrary, the old ones watch them: if the kids spend too much time in the pool and sit under the water, they are turned out of the water to get warm. They are very friendly animals, which are tolerant to others. Here, they peacefully spent winter with Dalma the tapir. Now, they share a splendid summer enclosure with huge African spurred tortoises,” Svitlana Vyshnevetska noted.

It should be noted that capybaras are the largest rodents of our time. South America is their native land. The word, which gave the name to the species means ‘king of grass’ in the language of local Indians. In Europe, these animals are named more prosaically – water pigs. Capybaras are the social creatures. They live near water bodies in groups of 20 animals on average. They have a very easy character – they are tamed easily and co-exist with other animals perfectly.

It should be reminded that the animal collection of Feldman Ecopark is one of the largest in Ukraine with nearly 2,000 animals of 300 species.