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Swans Rescued by Volunteers Brought from Kryvyi Rih to Feldman Ecopark

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The volunteers from Kryvyi Rih took four swans for rehabilitation at the Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home.” A female with three baby birds were rescued from death by caring local residents, who asked animal advocates for help in time.

“The residents of the village of Avdotivka (Dnipro oblast) called us and informed that someone shoots swans who remained to spend winter on the pond. A male swan was killed, but the female and four nestlings survived. We went there immediately, but, unfortunately, we have managed to rescue only the mother and three baby birds – one little swan was caught by a fox,” the activist of the Kryvyi Rih Animal Advocate Alliance Anton Pushkov told. “We immediately decided to take birds to Feldman Ecopark, as we’ve heard about the rehabilitation conditions and seen everything in the Internet. We called Good Home’s hotline, covered more than 400km and now we are glad that we’ve managed to rescue these beautiful creatures for them to have a new life here.”

According to the head of the Birds department in Feldman Ecopark Volodymyr Perekhodovych, who met new residents from Kryvyi Rih together with veterinarians, the swans have no health problems.

“The condition of both the female and baby birds is satisfactory – no injuries or defects were found during the veterinary examination. They underwent dehelmintization and other obligatory procedures. These swans will spend a couple of weeks in quarantine, when the necessary analyses are made, and after that, they will be released to the Swan Lake. They will spend winter there, and in spring, they will be able to fly home or elsewhere. If they wish, of course,” Volodymyr Perekhodovych noted. “Many residents of our Swan Lake have similar stories. Just a week ago, a swan from Bohodukhiv was bought here. It had frozen to an ice-hole and was rescued by kind-hearted people. A month ago, an injured swan was brought from Bakhmut. Thank you to all the people who rescue and help living creatures in trouble.”

It should be reminded that the Swan Lake is a unique nature complex for water birds, which exists in the territory of Feldman Ecopark for two years. Among the great number of birds – swans, ducks, storks and even pelicans – living here under the care of animal keepers, the part was rescued and underwent rehabilitation by efforts of the specialists of the Centre for Wild, Exotic and Domestic Animals Rescue “Feldman Ecopark Good Home.”