вторник, 13 августа 2019 year

Children from Donbas Front-line Villages Visited Feldman Ecopark


Children from the village of Artiom and neighboring settlements of the Luhansk oblast located in close proximity to the delimitation line at Donbas visited Feldman Ecopark. This visit was organized by ATO veterans volunteers, who have been curating a local teaching and educational complex for five year period.

“We got acquainted at the beginning of 2015. The situation was extremely difficult: the continuous fighting and daily shelling. Besides, winter in those regions was cold and hungry. Soldiers of our brigade helped pupils and teachers of Artemivsk school with products, fuel, construction materials, giving them all the help they could— the ATO veterans volunteers told. — Finally, we took patronage over them. The first time we brought children to Kharkiv during autumn holidays in 2015. This is the fifth year we of our prompts to make our children live long ang happy life, because they are the future of Ukraine, which we protect.”

In the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex, the visitors were welcomed cordially: they were taken to an observation excursion, acquainted with the representatives of animal collections, got to ride animals of the Horse Complex, showed the everyday life of representatives of rare horse breeds. Kids and children watched a performance in the Theatre of Children and Animals, played with animators, entertained on inflatable attractions and were fed by a tasty dinner. Pupils from Donbas front-line presented a small concert (sang their favourite song Soldiers of Light) to their new friends and to all visitors to Feldman Ecopark.

“Our village is located in a 800 m distance from a delimitation zone across the Siverskyi Donets. Because of war – continuous firings, lack of employment – the number of inhabitants and pupils was strongly reduced. We teach 45 children aged 7-15 years. Most of them are children and their friends from the nearest Nizhneteplivsk and Petropavlivsk schools, who got permission from their parents to visit wonderful Feldman Ecopark today. — the director of Artemivsk Special Educational Complex of the Stanytsia-Luhansk district of the Luhansk oblast Victoriia Lyubchenko told. – For our children it is an emotional rest, remedy against stress and mind-broadening experience, they were actually cut off from a civilization at dangerous front edge. Earlier, we were able to take them to Luhansk on sightseeing tours, including theatre and circus – now, it is impossible. Fortunately, we can arrive to Kharkiv, in a wonderful Ecopark, where we are always welcomed.”

It should be reminded that Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex Feldman Ecopark was one of the first in Ukraine to start in 2014 the implementation of the rehabilitation programme for the victims of the War in Donbas (IDPs from the conflict zone in the East of Ukraine, ATO servicemen and the members of their families, children living in the front-line territory), and has already provided assistance to nearly 10,000 persons.