пятница, 06 мая 2022 year

We are grateful for the invaluable help to our military and border guards

We would like to tell you about the people who have provided and continue to provide us with invaluable assistance in saving the animals of the Ecopark. These are our Ukrainian military and border guards whose positions are located near the territory of Feldman Ecopark. They are at the forefront, constantly risking their lives, giving all their strength to the fight against the aggressor and the defense of our native Kharkіv. And no matter how hard it is for them, they find time and energy to help our animals. They fed them when the situation did not allow our employees and volunteers to break into the Ecopark, they made sure that the integrity of the enclosures was maintained, and the animals did not run away, they helped us with the evacuation.
Thank you so much guys, you are real humans and real heroes. With such warriors, we never doubt our Victory for a moment!