пятница, 30 ноября 2018 year

Centre for Chiroptera Rehabilitation Made Numerous Scientific Achievements in November


Young naturalists and volunteers of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Chiroptera Rehabilitation made successful presentations at the All-Ukrainian Biology Forum and international scientific conferences.

“November appeared to be very productive for the Centre in scientific and educational sense. The month began with the participation of our members in the final of the All-Ukrainian Biology Forum for School-Children and Students “The Touch of Nature,” which took place in Kyiv,” the researcher of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Chiroptera Rehabilitation, Cand. Sc. (Biology) Olena Prylutska told. “At this Forum, Mykyta Tolstiak and Rita Moiseienko took the second place with their reports about the monitoring of the colonies of the serotine bat at the Haidary biological station under the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and about the number of bats eaten by bats.”

In addition, the results of scientific work of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Chiroptera Rehabilitation were presented by its volunteers Olha Tymofeieva and Olena Rodenko at two international conferences: XXVII Polish Conference on Chiropterae (Białowieża, Poland) and Х International Zoological Congress of the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History (Bucharest, Romania). At the Bucharest Congress they took the first place in the poster session.

“Olha and Olena are currently studying in Polish higher education institutions, but they continue to take an active part in the activities of our Centre. They have presented the results of joint research on autumn ecology of the common noctule. The scientific supervisor for the work is Kseniia Kravchenko, who is currently in Germany studying at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research and also remains the Centre’s volunteer,” the head of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Chiroptera Rehabilitation, Cand. Sc. (Biology) Anton Vlashchenko noted. “This project was supported by the British Ecological Society, as it covers such urgent issues as climate change and urbanization.”

It should be reminded that the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Chiroptera Rehabilitation is a unique nature conservation project throughout Eastern Europe. It not only deals with the study of bats, but, what is more important, rescues them. During 5 years of its existence, the Centre rescued more than 10,000 Red List animals. It should be also reminded that the season, when bats begin their hibernation, has already started, and the Centre’s officers ask everyone to inform about all findings of bats.