вторник, 14 июня 2022 year

Don’t turn humanitarian aid into a competition

The wave of inquiries from the media about the amount of humanitarian aid that we distributed has resumed again. Written and oral requests which boil down to two questions: how much humanitarian aid was distributed and how much was spent on it? There are also those who ask: “And is this more than that of…” and then there are names and surnames. There are other, in my opinion, dubious approaches: “We rank humanitarian aid…” Or – “And how do you fight with those who receive your packages several times during one distribution?”

Friends, I’ll answer all at once. First, I am a categorical opponent of ranking humanitarian aid. In terms of quantity, and even more so in terms of quality. Moreover, there are not and cannot be “first” and “last” among those who consider it necessary to support people in wartime. Don’t turn it into a competition and don’t make “tournament tables” with leaders and outsiders. Humanitarian aid is not only about how many food packages were distributed and how much each of them costs. This includes assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, medical institutions, rescue of animals and ensuring their maintenance in safe places. Yes, it takes quite a lot of money. I will answer to all of those who especially persistently want to calculate the amount of “humanitarian food aid”: we distributed about 540 thousand food packages and provided about 30 thousand hot meals.

Secondly, I do not look into other humanitarian aid packages – we form our own packages, the contents of which we are not ashamed of.

Thirdly, we do not “fight” with people who receive packages several times. Let’s not stoop to cynicism. When there is a war that has touched everyone, the word “struggle” has the most direct meaning. And certainly, this “fight” should not be with people who came for humanitarian aid. Today is generally the time of direct meanings of words. And humanitarian aid is directly related to humanity, that is, to humanity in relation to people.