понедельник, 12 августа 2019 year

At Weekend Guests to Feldman Eсopark Traveled around Fairy Locations and Created Cartoons


The second weekend of the Kazka Fest project in Feldman Ecopark was devoted to fairy quests and self-made cartoons. It was organized by the International Charitable Foundation “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation” with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation within the framework of its programme “Prominent Events for Ukrainian Culture.”

On Saturday, guests to the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex were able to take part in a fascinating travel around the wonderful country. Cheerful and informative obstacles waited for them at every stop. Children had to overcome them, having split into teams, under the leadership of fantastic characters – Dumbledore, Katyhoroshko, Lumiere, Little Red Riding Hood, Dracula and Malvina. Successfully performed task (magic experiments, broom rally, solving puzzles, games and musical quizzes) opened the following location. Every quest finished in the Forest Library, where winners received mementoes. In the same place, everyone was able to rent a book in order to read it in the fresh air and to join literary meetings, as well. During these meetings, specially invited storytellers presented their works.

Master classes prepared by the ToonFox Animation Kharkiv stop-motion animation studio and SOVAanima Animation Studio became the key event of Sunday. They taught children and adults to create cartoons based on fairy tales by means of available video equipment and plain materials, for example a plasticine.

Traditionally, the Theatre of Children and Animals pleased visitors to Feldman Ecopark, having presented Forest School and a dance plastic show Cruise International. Performances of young talents with their pets proceeded with a traditional fair including Gipsy fortune telling, Cossack entertainments, various master classes. Besides, young guests were able to create bookmarks for books, to take part in cheerful animation programme and even to dance in a bubble mini-disco Bubble-Party.

It should be reminded that a national cultural project Kazka Fest takes place in Feldman Ecopark in August with the support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation within the framework of its programme “Prominent Events for Ukrainian Culture.” Every weekend of the last summer month, literature readings, book fair, theatrical performances, concerts, fairy-tale therapy sessions, art quests and master classes, as well as other events take place in the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex.