вторник, 09 апреля 2019 year

World around Us. New Exhibition of Talented Children’s Art in AVEC Gallery


The World around Us exhibition representing the works of pupils from P.A. Levchenko Kharkiv Children’s Art School No.2 will open in the AVEC Gallery on Thursday, April 11 (beginning at 4 p.m.) The exposition will comprise about 30 works of children aged from 10 to 16 years painted in different genre and techniques.

“Children received complete freedom of choice in theme and art techniques. This allowed to make an exhibition interesting and diversified. The exhibition attracts not only with a variety of genres, but also with brightness of paints, richness of themes and plots, freshness of perception, immediacy of reproduction, a positive spirit. Art compositions show ability of young authors to visualize the creative plan — the organizers of an exhibition tell. — The world of children’s creativity has interesting viewpoints on everything always different from the adult’s: on people who live next door, on nature giving inspiration for creativity, overall world around. Every work of the young painter exhibited here is either visualization of a dream, or reflection of hope, or reproduction of the inspiration experienced, caught, comprehended in images of a moment”.

This exhibition is a creative continuation of another exhibition of pupils from P.A. Levchenko Kharkiv Children’s Art School No.2 Fluffy, Toothy and Multi-Colored currently exhibited in the AVEC Gallery (72, Sumska Str. small hall).

It will be possible to watch World around Us exhibition on the second floor of the AVEC Gallery (70, Sumska Str., second floor) till the end of April. The AVEC Gallery is open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The entrance is free!