вторник, 04 июня 2019 year

Feldman Ecopark Became Co-organizer of Geographical Information System Environmental Workshop


Feldman Ecopark took part in the organization and conduct of the seventh scientific and methodical workshop GIS and conservation areas. The workshop was aimed at exchange of experience on the use of GIS-technologies in various spheres of functioning of conservation areas, studying of modern opportunities and approaches in research and preservation of natural complexes and a biodiversity, professional development of the corresponding specialists. The campaign was organized by Sloboda National Natural Park together with the Ukrainian office of the Society Conservation GIS (SCGIS Ukraine). It brought together ecologists practically from all regions of Ukraine, namely site personnel of nature reserve fund, teachers and students, representatives of the organizations engaged in research and conservation, volunteers whose work is connected with geographical information systems. Foreign guests, such as scientists from Belarus and Bulgaria were also among the participants. The theoretical part of a workshop took place in a conference room of the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex and included the presentation of reports and their discussion, while practical master classes were held in the territory of the Sloboda NPP. There the participants of a workshop were brought by free Feldman Ecopark’s buses.

“In order to protect something, we need to study it at first. It is often about a research of hard-to-reach spots – well, for example, sites where colonies of wetland birds live. New technologies – data of space pictures, aerial photography of unmanned aerial vehicles, modern GPS systems – significantly accelerate field works. Besides, they give rich analytical material and assistance, having studied all factors, to develop management plans concerning conservation areas, campaigns for their protection — the chief of scientific department of Sloboda NPP Nataliia Brusentsova told. – Our workshop consisted of two blocks: in the first block guests shared the techniques of use of GIS-technologies in studying and conservation, and in the second one together with trainers mastered new technical capabilities of drones and other equipment, learned to process the obtained information for creation of models.”

It should be noted that the expert scientists Feldman Ecopark took an active part in the workshop. According to them, knowledge gained during the master classes, they plan to apply during the work on new projects, in particular during creation of big landscape complexes on the principle of safari parks. It should be reminded that the Feldman Ecopark occupies the area of 140.5 ha. and, besides a recreational zone, includes various biotopes.