четверг, 10 января 2019 year

Feldman Ecopark Invites to Celebrate Old New Year

Анонс календарь_старый новый год

“New Year Inside Out, or Hello, Old New Year!” It is a slogan for the celebration of New Year according to the Julian calendar in Feldman Ecopark this Sunday, January 13.

“New Year’s and Christmas season is almost over, but it is not the reason to be sad! It is possible and necessary to extend the enjoyment of holidays here, in Feldman Ecopark: here, everyone is able not only to have a walk along the fabulous winter forest and meet many animals – the residents of Ecopark, but also to enjoy free hot treats and cheerful entertaining programme with games, songs, sliding and, of course, pleasant surprises!” the organizers of the festivities tell.

The game programme with life-size puppet starts at the main location of the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex at 11.30 a.m.. It is also the place for the Play&Learn location for young visitors with developing didactic games (busy board, lacing games, labyrinth, etc.). A cheerful game programme “New Year Inside Out” with young Santa Claus, the Little Hare and Christmas Tree decoration “Christmas Bauble” starts at noon. At 1.20 p.m., the visitors to Ecopark will be able to take part in dancing entertaining programme for children and adults “It is impossible to spoil porridge with dance!” Moreover, tasty and hot porridge, as well as an exciting sliding down the 65-metre mountain are absolutely free here.

Game programmes for children, Play&Learn and “It is impossible to spoil porridge with dance!” programme will be waiting for the visitors to Ecopark on Saturday, January 12. Welcome! It will be fun!