четверг, 03 октября 2019 year

Feldman Ecopark Invites to Chrysanthemum Ball Opening


A festive opening of the most expected event of this autumn – Chrysanthemum Ball in Feldman Ecopark – will take place this weekend, October 5-6.

“It is already the eighth flower festival, which continues setting new records: more flowers, more forms and colours, more original flower figures and scenic photo zones, new exclusive species of chrysanthemums and, we hope, even more happy visitors and unforgettable selfies,” the organizers of the festivities tell.

Flower decorators are currently finishing the preparation of the Ball, which lasted for more than three weeks. Feldman Ecopark is going to show the total of nearly 45,000 flowers of 30 species of domestic and European selection. Among the new species, which have not been presented here before, is, for example, Dutch Princess – a late chrysanthemum of different colours. As for the variety of flower figures, the organizers, as usual, keep it in secret – there will be, for example, a chamomile, a rainbow, a peacock, while it will be possible to find even more heroes made of chrysanthemums at the festivities.

A massive entertaining programme has been also prepared for the Ball opening. The visitors to Ecopark will be welcomed by court ladies and cavaliers, as well as live flower statues. Everyone will be able to take part in a dance and entertaining programme Will You Go to the Ball?: to dance polka, play forfeits and court games Fan Etiquette, as well as such games as Do Not Say ‘Yes’ and ‘No,’ Thread the Needle, Roll-and-Wind, Flower Memory, while the young visitors will also be able to create crowns at the master class. A special attention at the Chrysanthemum Ball will be paid to the Theatre of Children and Animals. It will present a concert programme The Kingdom of Autumn Colours (staring at 11.30 a.m.), while on Sunday, they will give cheerful lessons Forest School for preschoolers in the company of Perchik the dog.

Chrysanthemum Ball in Feldman Ecopark traditionally starts on the first weekend of October and is devoted to the Teachers’ Day. If the weather is favourable, it will continue till the end of the month.

It should be reminded that Chrysanthemum Ball in Feldman Ecopark is Ukraine’s biggest floristic festival, which takes place under the auspices of the International Charitable Foundation “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation” each autumn since 2012. Last year, nearly 600,000 visitors came here to admire 40,000 chrysanthemums of 25 species. Chrysanthemum Ball in Feldman Ecopark traditionally lasts till cold weather sets in, and it is possible to visit it absolutely for free.