четверг, 16 мая 2019 year

Feldman Ecopark Invites to Science Day


Feldman Ecopark invites everyone to celebrate Science Day together on Sunday, May 19.

To commemorate this important day, as all the progress of the humanity and all of its fundamental achievements happened exactly thanks to science, the young visitors to Ecopark will be welcomed by the favourite cartoon characters – fixies Simka and Nolik. They will invite everyone to attend a cheerful and interesting thematic game programme Fixie-Games (starting at noon, 1 PM and 2 PM).

Moreover, the traditional entertainments will be waiting for the visitors to the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex: morning exercises Cheerful Morning! (starting at 10 AM), Open-Air Art Studio (10 AM – 3 PM), mini-disco for children and Polka-DANCE for adults (10:50 AM, 11:50 AM, 12:50 PM, 1:50 PM, 2:50 PM), game programmes for kids (11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM, 2 PM), mini-master-classes (11:30 AM, 1:30 PM). Meanwhile, a fascinating horse show will start at the Horse Complex at 1 PM.

This day, Feldman Ecopark will be attended by the special guests – children with hearing disorders. The programme To Hear the Future will start for them at 11 AM.

An important event will take place at the Theatre of Children and Animals – an annual initiation into the Theatre’s actors. The kids, who have become the Theatre’s actors this year, will be congratulated in form of cheerful fairy tale, but with serious challenges by their more experienced colleagues. Everyone will be able to watch the festivities of the animal theatre!

On Saturday, at 11.30 AM, the Theatre of Children and Animals will present a Tale of Flowers –an ecological fairy tale telling to the audience about why it is so important to preserve Red List plants and animals. Moreover, Open-Air Art Studio, mini-disco, Polka-DANCE and mini-master-classes will be waiting for the visitors of Ecopark this day as well.