понедельник, 04 февраля 2019 year

Chinese New Year and B-Day Сelebrated in Feldman Ecopark


Participation in entertaining family quest, fortune-telling on the Book of Changes, celebration of the Chinese New Year and meeting Peppa Pig – all this and many other things were prepared for guests to the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex last weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, a family quest “5 Elements” took place at Feldman Ecopark’s main location specially for Chinese New Year. Fire, water, earth, air and wood gave tasks to participants. Completing the tasks, it was necessary to show the abilities to dance, sing and to show sharpness as well as sleight of hand at creation of a traditional Chinese talisman with hieroglyph “kindness.”

Traditionally, the first Sunday of month in Feldman Ecopark is devoted to Birthday Boys and Girls Day, and those born in the previous month received congratulations. The birthday boys and girls who came to celebrate the Birthday once again created festive crowns and Chinese souvenirs for good luck participated in the special game programme with Yì Jīng fortune-telling – the Chinese Book of Changes. Together with gifts and positive mood, birthday boys and girls received memento photos.

Peppa Pig congratulated and entertained birthday boys and girls, she was the main participant of a Sunday entertainment programme. “This day, the Chinese New Year is coming together with its symbol – a pig. Therefore, Peppa is in the spotlight as the real hostess of this holiday” — the organizers of the programme told.

The weekend in Theatre of Children and Animals was devoted to open training lessons. As usual, the location for pre-school children Play&Learn was placed at the main location. Guests were treated with free hot drinks and warmed near the field kitchen with free porridge, participating in the programme “It is impossible to spoil porridge with dance!”, and traditionally slid an ice hill with a free tubing.