воскресенье, 08 мая 2022 year

The champions from the Molossus kennel are already safe and recovering from stress

We have not yet told you about the fate of the Molossus kennel Santa House Feldman. It was located beyond Triozerye, that is in the most dangerous territory, remote from the rescue routes and close to the positions occupied by the Russian aggressors. The kennel buildings were completely destroyed. But thanks to the efforts of the staff of the kennel and the Feldman Ecopark rescue team, all the dogs were saved! Now they are in Poltava region and are recovering from the stress caused shelling. These are the champions who have represented and, we believe, will continue to represent Ukraine in the international arena.
All the Santa House Feldman equipment, stocks of veterinary preparations, food have remained on the territory of the kennel, but caring people did not leave our dogs without the most necessary things, they helped, and we are deeply grateful for that.
If you can also help these and our other animals, the details are here: