среда, 02 января 2019 year

Great Winter Christmastide Took Place in Feldman Ecopark


On Sunday, December 30, on New Year’s Eve the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex offered visitors the special programme devoted to traditional celebration of Great Winter Christmastide and related folk customs.

A magic Christmas-Tree covered with candies with predictions welcomed guests at the main location Feldman Ecopark. A green beauty offered short prediction for the adults wishing to take a look into their future in the tail of eye, while children got a candy in the same wrapper.

“New year, our favourite holiday, traditionally falls on days of Great Winter Christmastide considered to be the most magic time of year, most suitable for fortune-telling. According to folk beliefs, the Solstice gives rise to new solar year and is the best time to learn what it will bring” — the organizers of the festive programme told.

Having learned the future, the guests to Feldman Ecopark became participants of the game programme “Christmastide amusements”. In order to pass unusual quest from Santa Claus, it was necessary to cope with three difficult, but interesting tasks in different locations. The winners got sweet prizes and unforgettable emotions.
What festivities without songs? Young visitors to Feldman Eсopark were able to sing songs about winter and favourite winter holidays in the New Year’s karaoke “I’ll Sing Right Now!”

At the weekend, the Feldman Ecopark’s Theatre of Children and Animals surprised the audience with the premiere of the show “The Newest Old Tale”.

Besides, on Sunday, the members of the national scout organization “Plast” handed the Bethlehem Flame for Peace to Feldman Ecopark’s team, as gratitude for the assistance in organization of activities. The annual scout campaign, the Bethlehem Flame for Peace, falling on Christmas holidays assumes distribution of symbolical fire from the birthplace of Jesus Christ.