вторник, 06 августа 2019 year

Oleksandr Feldman Supports Yunist Park Reconstruction and Ready to Find Means for It


Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Feldman has supported the petition, which appeared on the website of Kharkiv Municipal Council, concerning the need to reconstruct the Yunist Park. He urged Kharkiv residents, and, first of all, those who live in Kholodnohirskyi district, where the park is located, to sign it. He wrote about this on his Facebook page.

Oleksandr Feldman noted that as a MP from this district, he has always paid attention to this park among other things, and to the need to bring it to a proper condition. “After my request, the Cabinet of Ministers allocated UAH 5 mln of subvention for its improvement. Our charitable foundation has also provided assistance to Yunist: it reconstructed the spring, changed service lines, improved the territory, purchased equipment, planted trees, and held cleaning campaigns many times. And these were just small steps. A lot of efforts and means are necessary in order not to be ashamed for the park and in order it to become comfortable, safe and clean,” the politician emphasized.

“For years, some of the candidates, who have lost during the parliamentary elections, promoted themselves on everything what had been made in Yunist for budget means. And now, when the election populism is in the past, I would like everyone to see an inseparable connection between the words and deeds, which is confirmed by personal material contribution in the reconstruction of the park,” Oleksandr Feldman claimed. “Of course, we all may be ‘lucky’ and another election campaign will be announced. And the means, including the ones aimed at the reconstruction of this park, will flow from the local budget like from the horn of plenty. I hope you understand that I tell this with a degree of irony. Nevertheless, I say absolutely seriously: if this does not happen, I will once again search for the means in order the residents of outskirts to be able, like the residents of downtown, to comfortably and safely spend their leisure time in the renovated park.”

Link to the petition: http://petition.city.kharkov.ua/uk/5180.html