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Feldman Ecopark is a cozy island of nature, where children and adults can have interesting and meaningful leisure time in our friendly and disheveled family.

The regional landscape park ‘Feldman Ecopark’ is a large charity project, carrying the goal to educate a mentally and physically healthy generation.

Feldman Ecopark is located in the nearest suburb of Kharkiv at the following address: 12 Kiev Highway, Lisne, Dergachevskiy district. Everybody is welcome to visit the facility free of charge, the zoo includes more than 2,000 animals of 200 species, a petting zoo, where you can feed and pet animals, cozy summerhouses, area for yoga, a healthy food restaurant, rope playground, children’s amusement rides, stables and riding school, performances with the participation of horses and ponies, and much more.

Regular tours for children and adults are held in the regional landscape park. Organized groups can book a tour by calling +38 050 401 0912.
Each and every activity on the territory of Feldman Ecopark is free of charge.

Every year, Feldman Ecopark receives over 1.5 million visitors from more than 24 countries. Average attendance of Feldman Ecopark is increasing every year.

More than 20 charitable programs are performed on the territory of Feldman Ecopark, including ideas and projects of Foundations of Rothschild, Sarah Ferguson, the Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem and many others. The activity of Regional Landscape Park has a humanitarian, health and environmental focus and it covers the widest audience.

ps_centerProfessional psychologists and therapists provide complex psychological and social assistance to children and teenagers with mental disorders, deviant behaviour as well as families in difficult situations. At Feldman Ecopark we work with people displaced from the ATO area, soldiers and their relatives.

In June 2015, the ‘War through the eyes of children’ programme has been launched. Thousands of displaced youngsters from South-Eastern Ukraine have already completed the course of psychological correction.

Classes in Feldman Ecopark include work of professional psychologists, communication with animals, adaptive riding and educational activities.

Rehabilitation programmes are designed by the Department of Therapy of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education in cooperation with the National League of Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Medical Psychology of Ukraine. Staff of the organisation use cutting-edge procedures in their work, for example animal-assisted therapy.

center_saAll species of chiropterans that live on the territory of Ukraine are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

Since Centre was founded in December 2013, biologists have rescued and rehabilitated more than 2000 rare animals. They freed chiropterans from traps created by urban environment, took them from the hands of volunteers who found weak and injured animals and studied the population of bats in the wildlife.

The Centre cooperates with the international organisation EUROBATS. Together with the employees of this organisation, biologists conduct joint research on the territory of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany and other countries.

One of environmental courses of Feldman Ecopark is aimed at rescue and rehabilitation of extinct species of animals.

pic1The Young Naturalists Club of Feldman Ecopark has existed for more than a year and a half. During this time, children managed to obtain professional experience and apply their knowledge in practice in various national and international nature conservation parks. The Club comprises more than 100 members – children from 6 to 17. Naturalists study the biodiversity of Ukraine and the world, learn the methods of flora and fauna study, share their knowledge with the colleagues from different parts of Ukraine. More than 30 conferences, visits to natural parks and research study of Ukraine’s and world’s nature has been held during the life of the club.

Among Ukrainian locations where naturalists improved their skills, there are Kiev National Ecological and Naturalistic Centre, Nikolaev Zoo, Krasnokutsk National Natural Park, Biological Station of the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Nikitsky Botanical Garden, Yalta Zoo, Yalta Mountain Forest Reserve and many others.

The rapid development of the Young Naturalists Club began with a visit to the Kiev National Ecological and Naturalistic Centre. The opening of a Ukrainian Recreation and Rest Camp ‘Yunnat’ took place here. On this occasion naturalists of Feldman Ecopark introduced their pet, a bobak marmot, to their Kiev colleagues.

Another celebration the naturalists were invited to was the Jubilee of the Krasnokutsk National Natural Park. Besides participating in festive events, children visited various landscapes of the conservation area. Children were able to see the variety of rare plants and animals among the chalky slopes. And in deciduous forest naturalists ‘got acquainted’ with the flora, collected samples for herbarium and studied the behaviour of insects.

During the field practice at the Biological Station of the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, located near Gaidary village, naturalists had a wonderful opportunity to watch animals in the wildlife. During this visit young researchers found out more about the work of the laboratory of genetic research on silkworm. On the way back children summarized the work at the Biological Station at the reporting conference, which took place in Feldman Ecopark.

pic2During the scientific and educational expedition along the Southern coast of Crimea, naturalists managed to expand their knowledge of subtropical flora and fauna. Young naturalists focused on a variety of conservation areas, parks, famous mountain groups and waterfalls.

Naturalists actively explored animals of Kharkiv region in their natural habitats. The scientific research was carried out in caves of Liptsy village, where overwinter about 1000 bats. Despite frosty weather and extreme conditions, young naturalists fulfilled all the assigned tasks: measured temperature inside the caves, displayed and weighted bats.

Naturalists share the results of their work with their colleagues from the Bat Rehabilitation Centre, Equestrian Centre and other projects of Feldman Ecopark. The last summarizing conference – the II Open Child Scientific-Practical Conference – was held on May 31. Young naturalists prepared their reports together with the employees of the Kharkiv Zoo, friends and special guests of the conference.

One of the main tasks of Feldman Ecopark Project is to educate physically and morally healthy, harmoniously developed young generation. Feldman Ecopark sincerely believes that absolutely every child is able to receive a full education and develop in all directions. Therefore, it is planned to establish the Phychosocial Rehabilitation Centre for children and teenagers with mental, emotional and behavioural disorders in the future.

Specialists of the Centre will use unique methods of animal-assisted therapy, landscape and garden therapy, play therapy, art therapy (drawing, sculpture, sand therapy, clay therapy), occupational therapy in their work, as well as various elements of cognitive and behavioural, rational, child analytically oriented, relaxation and other methods of psychotherapy in individual and group forms.

The work will be carried out by highly qualified specialists trained in Ukraine and abroad.

The pecularity of the Centre lies in the fact that the rehabilitation program for children and teenagers, being designed by the Department of the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education (KMAPE) together with the National League of Psychotherapy and Medical Psychology of Ukraine (NLPU), takes into account their age characteristics, interests and needs. A special approach is to be applied to each age group which will certainly make the process of rehabilitation as interesting and useful for all family members as possible. It is also provided to create the Innovative Educational Complex in the Regional Landscape Park. Children with special needs will be able to receive a quality education here on a par with European schools.

The architectural accent of the central square of Feldman Ecopark will be the Museum and Exhibition Complex with the Square of Religions. The universal exhibition hall will have a variety of rooms for conducting education and museum work, scientific researches, organising various exhibitions. The Exhibition Complex will be complemented by the exposition of the Square of Religions. The project will collect large-scale models of the most famous places of worship of all times. Here, visitors will find out more about the history of 12 most important religious trends and cultures.
The territory of the urban forest will consist of several areas – places for recreation, walking, sports activities. There also will be bikeways and ski slopes, grounds with gymnastic exercise machines, rope suspended amusement rides, etc.



It is planned to create the zone for aquarest in Triozeria- Three Lake Area. It will be possible to do sports, go boating and visit a summer aquapark there. The lake area provides organisation of variety of leisure activities. The project provides general improvement and landscaping of the coast, placing children’s water rides and a summer cafe.

The Research and Education Centre will be the basis for practical research activities of students, research workers of higher educational institutions as well as for the work of the members of the Young Naturalists Club (the study and control of the behaviour and activity of rare species of animals and plants).

The Equestrian Centre will supplement the necessary functionality, provided by the concept of Feldman Ecopark. A significant emphasis in the rehabilitation program for children with special needs is children’s direct contact with horses and programmes of adaptive riding.

We are open every day from 10.00 to 20.00.
Free admission.

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+38 (050) 401 09 12.

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Lisne, Dergachevskiy district, Kharkov region 12 Kiev highway

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