пятница, 23 ноября 2018 year

Ecology Magazine Appeared in Ukraine with Feldman Foundation’s Assistance


The presentation of the pilot issue of the Eco-Life magazine took place in the media centre Vremia.

The chief editor of the media company “Vremia” Olena Stronova informed that the magazine appeared thanks to the efforts of the media company, as well as the International Charitable Foundation “Oleksandr Feldman Foundation” and Feldman Ecopark.

“There are no similar magazines in our region and it is difficult to find something like it in Ukraine, while a huge attention is paid to this field in Europe. The themes covered in the magazine are quite diverse – animal protection, big city ecology, and everything that concerns ecology in the wide sense. We are going to publish only high-quality materials in the magazine, to raise problem issues, and to carry out researches to make Eco-Life one of the main environment-focused media platforms in Ukraine. It is aimed at development of ecological consciousness and environmental awareness raising. It is intended for a wide audience – from school-children to older generation,” Olena Stronova noted.

She invited the representatives of eco-NGOs, journalists, ecologists and scientists, who came to the presentation, to be the authors of the new magazine.

The pilot issue circulation is 5,000 copies. It is expected that soon it will increase. It will be published every month (although at the beginning, it will probably happen rarer), and it will be distributed free of charge. In addition to common issues, the magazine will have the thematic ones and own Eco-Life library: the work on the first book is already underway, and there are some ideas about textbooks.

“This magazine will exercise an important function in the society, give ecological knowledge, present Kharkiv and Ukraine at the European level. It is important that thanks to the magazine, the theory will be united with practice. Its publishing is timely and will be very useful,” the head of the animal protection movement “Razom” Olha Kravchenko emphasized.

The head of department of science and monitoring of the National Nature Park “Homilshanski Lisy” Stanislav Viter proposed to develop in the magazine such fields as environmental safety, natural territories protection, ecology of rare species, nature conservation legislation, economic development and nature protection, and Planet Earth. He also proposed to create an Internet version of the magazine, and to make some issues in scientific style.

This idea was also supported by the director of the Regional Centre for Scientific and Technical Development Ivan Bondarenko, who proposed to include the column devoted to innovations in the field of ecology. “This magazine is an extremely important initiative for Ukrainian society,” he added.