вторник, 22 января 2019 year

Kharkiv Сitizens Bring Fir Trees to Feldman Eсopark’s Animals


The citizens of Kharkiv and region responded to the call in social networks and bring fir-trees to Feldman Ecopark’s animals. In total, more than 1,000 Christmas beauties were brought here in the period from last Thursday to Monday. They are brought by individuals and organizations, in passenger cars and in big dump trucks. According to the specialists of the Social and |Humanitarian Multi-Complex, such assistance is very valuable: coniferous trees will be used as vitamin feed additives and will enrich the home area.

“For rodents and ungulates fir trees and pines are delicacies rich in vitamin C, minerals and pitches improving digestion. They enjoy gnawing fir needles and a bark. Besides, the crushed branches and tree trunks serve them as a good laying in warm shelters and snow-covered enclosures, – chief zoologist of Feldman Ecopark Olena Fomicheva told. – Sometimes birds also use coniferous plants as extra nutrition, but more often – as a construction material, whereas for predators and apes a fir tree is an additional entertainment. These are new smells, new objects and new impressions for them. Big cats enjoy playing with them, rubbing up against needles. We specially hide different dainties in branches for apes to cause their interest to the process of getting food.”
The zoologist assured that in Feldman Ecopark would find a use for all fir trees remained after the New Year’s celebration and reminded of the adherence to the rules while preparing presents to animals.

“Having removed the decoration, people sometimes forget remains of a tinsel, the serpentine and that it is much more dangerous – wire fastenings of toys on the tree. It can harmful to health of our animals. Please, double check the fir trees you bring to us! Certainly, we carefully recheck each one, but considering their quantity, we ask everyone to address the issue with due seriousness”, – Olena Fomicheva emphasized.

It should reminded that it is possible to bring to Feldman Ecopark fir trees every day (weekdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., weekends to 5 p.m.) All the necessary information you can find in the Information Centre (a building on the right side of the main entrance), or by phone number 38 050 401 0912.