среда, 05 декабря 2018 year

Feldman Ecopark’s Psychologists Upgrade Art Therapy Skills with Special Children


The specialists of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation upgrade skills on use of art therapy during the work with children with special needs. On Tuesday, December 4, they participated in the first training provided for them by colleagues from the All-Ukrainian Art and Therapeutic Association. In total, six lessons are planned. They will be devoted to new methods and specific interaction skills between various categories of children, in particular, children with CP and autism spectrum disorders. According to the head of medical service of the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation Inna Vashkite, the study programme allows to enrich tools of disciplinary work with special children and to expand the opportunities of interaction with their parents.

“Art therapy is a very soft method. It allows the person to express feelings, emotions and gives to the specialist psychologist the chance to touch them most accurately and safely. This method is important during the work with special children because it promotes their socialization, broadens horizons, develops motility and forms skills — Inna Vashkite explained. – The art therapy helps to come into emotional contact with those children often feeling lack of it. We study the new ways allowing implementation of different materials, subjects, methods to accompany the child in the course of creativity and to design the general space in which we together with the parents are able to feel what happens to the child”.

It should be noted that the Feldman Ecopark Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation works in the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex Feldman Ecopark since 2013, rendering assistance to children with special needs and adults, including the families of IDPs and ATO veterans. During the years of its activity, the Centre rehabilitated nearly 7,000 persons, including 2,500 children.