воскресенье, 21 апреля 2019 year

Oleksandr Feldman: we should show that we are civilized, stable and democratic

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Today, on April 2, the Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Feldman voted at the Ukrainian presidential elections in the polling station of one of Kharkiv educational institutions.

“It’s wonderful weather, a succession of holidays, today is Catholic Easter, in a week will be the Orthodox one. I sincerely hope that, as in the first round, presidential elections will take place quietly, without excesses, and people will be able to make free expression of their will” — he noted after vote.

Mr. Feldman also pointed out that electoral process in Ukraine only begins with presidential elections, soon after them there will be next elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

“During parliamentary elections Ukraine will start ailing, and I wish things to be good without any excesses, people could work in peace, have safe rest in the summer, lead normal lives. I believe that our country will pass all this and become stronger. We should understand that Ukraine goes forward, it is necessary to work, to develop, to be open, to invite investors, to show that we are civilized, stable and democratic, to overcome rifts in society, to stop economic downturn. It is especially important for Kharkiv” — the politician added.