среда, 16 января 2019 year

First Monkey Addition in Feldman Ecopark in 2019


The green monkey cub was born in Feldman Eсopark. This is the first monkey addition in 2019. Currently, a kid together with his mother is in the isolation ward. According to the veterinarians of a Multi-Complex, they feel good.

“A mother feeds the newborn independently, takes care of him, keeping us away from him (therefore we cannot specify the baby’s gender yet). Right after parturition, we isolated them from the main group comprising 16 adult green monkeys for safety. If everything is normal, we will reunite them with relatives in several weeks”, – the Feldman Ecopark’s specialists told.

It should be noted that green monkeys are small nimble creatures with green “hat” on the head that gave them the name, rather widespread species of monkeys. Their homeland is the Western Africa, but thanks to human, they developed the Caribbean Islands in the XVII century.

Besides, it should be noted that addition to the ape collection is rather frequent event in Feldman Ecopark. Thanks to the correct care and appropriate conditions, only in 2018, 25 monkeys were born here. Among them, for example, the cub of a brown capuchin who was born at the end of last November now grows up together with four his relatives.

It should be reminded that the ape collection of Feldman Ecopark is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe. It comprises about 250 individuals of nearly 30 species, including those listed in the IUCN Red List.