четверг, 30 мая 2019 year

Feldman Ecopark is to Open Park of Birds

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The new project The Park of Birds is launched in Feldman Ecopark. Its main goal is to preserve rare species of birds and return them to their natural environment. Moreover, it is aimed at the popularization of this field of animal protection and eco-education of youth. It is planned to create Ukraine’s largest and one of the largest European complexes of ornithological enclosures representing local Red List and exotic birds. The first enclosure will be opened in a week. This one will be for scavenger birds – the cinereous vultures will be the first birds to settle there, while the griffon vultures will be settled there a little later.

“The work aimed at the restoration of the populations of Red List fauna, the preservation of biodiversity for the future generations, the upbringing of youth in the spirit of love of the nature and respect to all living creatures. This is the mission we follow for years. The new project is another step on this path, and we make it together with our like-minded persons by attracting the partners in our country and abroad,” Ukrainian MP Alexander Feldman noted.

It should be noted that The Park of Birds project is implemented within the programme of the World Open Foundation for Animal Rehabilitation and Reintroduction (WOFARR) “Preservation, monitoring and perspective reintroduction of Eurasian birds of prey and owls” under the support of the range of Ukrainian and foreign zoos.

“The construction of enclosures for owls and eagle owls, sea eagles and other birds of prey living on our continent. Their neigbourhood will include hornbills, various parrots – the most diverse representatives of feathered fauna of Africa, North and South America, Australia and Oceania. It is expected that the new landscape and exposition zones with water and flightless birds will also appear. All of these ornithological enclosures together will form The Park of Birds complex, which, as we expect, will be one of Ukraine’s largest ones based on the species diversity,” they told in Feldman Ecopark. “We are soon expecting a significant feathered addition to our animal collection within the framework of the cooperation with our European partners on ЕАZА line, and with the zoos in Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.” A huge advisory assistance in the project development is rendered by Odesa Zoo, which has the biggest experience in the issues of breeding and reintroduction of birds, including the Red List ones.”

It should be also noted that in addition to the direct work aimed at the preservation of biodiversity, it is planned to use The Park of Birds project as an eco-educational platform to give lessons for schoolchildren and students, as well as the animal protection campaigns.

It should be reminded that the bird collection of Feldman Ecopark includes nearly 1,500 birds of more than 150 species. It should be also reminded that the project Let’s Rescue Birds Together aimed at the creation and study of nesting-places is implemented by the Social and Humanitarian Multi-Complex along with the annual challenge Eat&Fly aimed at the creation of bird feeders and the regular release of song-birds and pheasant into the nature.